how many episodes in season 8 got

I think people are missing things that are quite interesting. Everyone’s so caught up in expectations that the forest is being missed for the trees.
There's an interesting aspect to the Dany dynamic that I haven't heard anyone talk about. In this quite patriarchal world Dany has been advised by men at many points during her crusade last season and this season. She listens and then presents her opinion regarding likely outcomes. 

And she keeps being right! While the men around her worry about her competence, they seem to miss the fact that they keep being wrong while she keeps correctly predicting what will happen. 

It reminds me of Elizabeth I and her dealings with her male advisors. She kept reading the tea leaves, if you will, and consistently saw things more clearly than the men around her, yet these men couldn't help but feel that it would be better if only their leader was a man. A similar dynamic is at work this season in GoT. 

Dany may well end up being usurped in her quest for the Iron Throne, but no one did more to make that throne available to whomever ends up sitting on it. The potential irony here is epic, tragically epic.

  • *Spoiler Alert* Yes Game of Thrones Season 8 literally sucks , I was very excited for the Final Season Of This Epic Show But After Watching 4 Episodes I think writers have lost their creativity Some Of The Scenes Were So Illogical .
  1. For Example - Jaime Came to Winterfell Because He Was Tired Of Cersei But In EP 4 he went back to Kings Landing !!?? I mean Wtf Then Why He came to winterfell ..I think writers thought we should shoot some fighting sequences taking This Talented Actor !!
  2. In The Episode ‘The Long Night' , The Moment When Arya stabbed Night King I mean Wtf Dude !!! So This Was The End Of Night King !!! Then Why Was He So Hyped From Past 7 seasons ?? Arya Didn't Knew Anything About Night King unlike Jon .
  3. Also There Was So Many Plot Holes in 'Long Night ‘ Episode Firstly It Was so Dark .. Secondly GoT is not like Other Tv shows In which Hero somehow survive the situation and don't die and story always revolve around Him But In This Episode In some of the scenes Main Characters Were Surrounded By Dead Army But Somehow Other Character Suddenly Pop Out from Sky Or Earth And Seizes The Whole Situation I mean We Didn't Knew This About GoT !!!! It Was Known for Killing Main Characters (Although We Lost Ser Jorah Ed Lyanna but Still) !!
  4. In Ep 4 The Moment When Jon was about to reveal the secret to his sisters that he is not Stark …The Whole Conversation Took Place Off Screen !!! We want to see their reactions !!! Why Are You Doing This HBO ??!
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