how many got episodes left

The last episode did have a strong plot as such, but it did manage to give some severe blows to audience. The ending is not what either of the people wanted(atleast I wanted someone else to sit on the throne…i.e. if it was not melted) though it some-how it felt satisfying.

(don’t read ahead if you think GOT can kill anybody-spoilers) And congragulations to Sansa, Arya, Bran and Tyrion to be introduced in season 1 episode 1 and surviving all 8 seasons. 

Also kudos to Jon Snow..sorry.. Aegon Targeryen for making through all seasons by being resurected.

A lot of ppl tell that this ship is like Disney ending and it won’t happen.
First, I have to stress out this is absolutely NOT a sissy ending if it happens.
As they stressed out, Dany and Jon won’t like each other. Dany is well, crazy, and Jon don’t like that. Jon can be said to be “naive” and “boring” compared to other Danny’ honey like Darios or the Khal.
Yes they don’t like each other and won’t like each other. So how can this one be a Disney ending of all kinds???
Second, this could be one of the most POSSIBLE ending of the show the way they are going. Why? Because the show’s problem will be solved in 1 swoop with this act.
Given that Dany want a marriage to get an alliance with her when she goes to Westeros, lets check all the royalty houses.
Baratheon: her absolute enemy, and it pretty much dead already.
Lannister: They have Jaime, but well, they are bitter enemy that she has to beat anyway.
Martels: well they have the Sand Snakes in case she want a lesbian harem. But man? Their throats are cut already.
Tyrells: same. The male heirs are dead.
Tully: Edmure is a loser, prisoner inside Frey’s cage, and a married man.
Greyjoy: Euron with a “big cock” as the leader and enemy of Yara and Theon. Oh, forget about it. How about marrying “no ball” Theon instead? Wait, aren’t they already allies?
Arryn: Yes there is finally a candidate here. Robbin Arryn is right now the Lord of Vale. Its only that he is too young it seems
And finally Starks. Bran is no avail now, so the choice is Jon. And Jon is right now, the freaking KING of the North with the support of both Vale and the North’s households.
So, if Dany want to use marriage to get alliance, she has 2 choices from what I see. Unless she decides to go for a secondary character from a no-named house that isn’t introduced yet. And that is stupid with the show only having 1 season left.
So between Jon and Robbin, who is better to ally? Jon of course. He is old enough, and he has support from lords of Vale as in the show (what???? Sounds really stupid from what I see but whatever), which means Robbin also supports him, probably.
And here, when I list out house Stark, I don’t tell they are enemy to Dany. And I have to stress out that house Starks is NOT enemy of Dany, at least for now. Why???
First, the one who fought Dany’s father, the Mad King, is Edd Stark. And he is DEAD. So yes, she may not like the Starks, but they are not her enemy, at least if she is sane enough to not wage war against them
And for the Starks, who are the enemies? House Lannister and Freys, who killed Edd and Rob Starks. What about Lyanna who was killed by the Tagaryens? Well, she died before the children who are ruling now were born, so who cares? So yeah, they may not like Dany either, but why do they need to create more enemies, with the White Walkers breathing cold ice behind their back, and Mad Queen Cercei on the front.
So, it really makes sense if the Starks and Danny won’t wage war to each other. Moreover, they NEED each other.
Danny needs supports from royalty if she is back to Westeros. And in the case you don’t remember, the North knows no kings, except for the Starks. So if she allies with the Starks, she has the North behind her back, even if the nobles there don’t really care about her. And the North is in fact a shield against the White Walkers matching south, and she will need that instead of break it away because it doesn’t listen to her.
For the Starks, what does Jon need from her? Army, of course. Tons of armies to fight against the White Walkers. I doubt that if Tommen were still king, Jon would even leave behind the conflict and ask for help from the Lannister. But the one being on Iron Throne is damn crazy Cercei, and I seriously doubt she is sane enough to care about the danger from far away. So who has the biggest army with biggest alliance here? Dany of course, with the Martels and Tyrell being allies, at least for now. If the White Walkers go south then I doubt those houses will have a second thought either.
So in short, Dany and Jon don’t like each other and their houses also don’t like each other, but not to the point of waging war right at the meeting. So it leaves a choice: either they ignore each other until one of them finishes all the current enemies, or they join hand for greater goods, against White Walkers to be exact.
You see here, the chance they allying is pretty high isn’t it? They need each other as I told you. But how the hell can they ally when they are still like cat and dog? MARRIAGE.
What do we have here? A marriage without love, and purely based on benefit from both sides, for creating an strong alliance. What else is more suitable for a political marriage? Disney absolutely opposes that kind of marriage in any case. Jon and Dany having same Tagaryens blood doesn’t change anything of the nature of this marriage if it happens. It only makes the marriage stronger (the Tagaryens have traditions of marrying the people in the same bloodline), and create more incentive for the marriage to happen. That’s all.
So to conclude, the ending of Jon an Danny getting married is pretty high, based on how the show goes. Don’t expect a lot of twist for the last season. It is the fan fiction series now, not based on the book anymore. I already saw enough from the dumb battle in episode 9. A little surprise from Cercei is not enough to deny that the whole series is becoming damn easy to predict. And even when it is predictable, the way they drive the plot is also kinda dumb. Littlefinger, who I can say is the main drive for surprise, is pretty much no one in the whole season to the point of disappointment. He didn’t do anything in the last season, and even seems to be outplayed by Sansa (what???????) In fact in my thought, Littlefinger is 1 more guy that is possible as partner for marriage, with powerful army, high status. And this could be a nice twist in case it happened. But I dont think 1 more season is enough to settle the mess Littlefinger could cause if it happened, and I also doubt the script writer can be that brave after all the safe bet he did on this season.

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