How much is dolly parton worth

Dolly Parton, Paul McCartney, and John Williams are among the musical talents who received Grammy nominations for 25 years or more 

The Grammy nominations announcement in November included composer John Williams, whose scores can be heard in countless classic movies 

This is the 39th year John Williams has received at least one Grammy nomination during his long career While some artists accumulate a handful of recognitions in a short time and fizzle out after, these musical masters received consistent nominations year after year. 

Last month, the list of Grammy Award nominees included composer John Williams. 

This marks the 39th year he has received at least one nomination for his musical talent. It also highlights the enduring talent of some artists over the years. Billboard shared a list of over such artists who have been nominated over the years. There’s no denying music holds a very unique power over us. 

We can forget characters in a movie or feel disconnected to a book’s writing style. But music presents itself as an invisible force we can feel in our very soul. Certain notes can compel a person to dance or send tears running down reddened cheeks. 

And while we enjoy the power music has over us, several talented individuals wow us again and again with their understanding of how to captivate listeners time and again. The Grammy nominations recognize such exceptional displays of talent, and some artists just keep making that prestigious list. Let’s explore some of our favorites from that list below

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