How to make steak with a blue cheese butter

There are two things that I love on a steak. One is a compound butter and the other is a blue cheese crust. So why not combine the two?? 

The first Rioja pairing coming off our grill this is a steak with a blue cheese butter. The perfect way to elevate your steaks. The Rioja plays in perfectly to the taste of the strong cheese and grilled meat.

 The backbone of the wine is light fruitiness pairs well with a strong cheese and the tones of wood, smoke and spice are harmonious with the grilled steak. Got me craving this all over again

Blue Cheese Compound butter

1 stick butter softened
4 oz blue cheese
3 garlic cloves minced
1 tbsp minced chives
½ tsp pepper
1: In a bowl mix all ingredients together until well combined. Cover and put in the fridge until firm

2: while steaks are resting put a generous scoop of compound butter on top and let it melt into your delicious meat

3: Pour yourself a giant glass of Rioja and think of all the delicious things you can do with the butter. We also mixed it with sweet corn and melted on top of potatoes.

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