Pau hana poke bowls, Make Its Simple

Pau hana poke bowls: back on our tropical beverage pairings! We made our own pau hana on the beach with a passion flow and poke bowls. Passion flows are a play on the Hawaiian classic lava flow(see the recipe below). 

Pau hana poke bowls, Make Its Simple
We grabbed our favorite poke bowls from @tamurasfinewine and headed to the beach the perfect way to end the week!

Passion flows (makes four)
4 oz Coconut milk
½ a pineapple cubbed
2 limes juiced
8 oz Coconut water
3 cups Ice
8 oz dark rum
2 tbsp agave
½ cup Passionfruit juice
1 pour coconut milk into ice trays and freeze.

2 in a blender but pineapple, frozen coconut milk, and ice. Top with lime juice, coconut water, agave and rum. Blend until smooth and creamy

3: in a glass put 2 tbsp passionfruit juice and top with the delicious blended concoction. Grab your favorite poke bowl and be transported to a Hawaiian beach

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