how to draw santa

Go to you city council or school, or local Library, and ask if there is a place to store all of the collections, from the helpful Santa’s in the area.
You might also consider asking the Smithsonian, if they have such an exhibit. If so, can you add to it. If not, perhaps you can suggest that they start one. Either way, it seems the children will get the most out of seeing one, or starting one.

I read in a newspaper, not long ago, when a little girl gave the postman a birthday card to send to her father in Heaven. And to make sure he received the card. These things are priceless, heartbreaking and love all wrapped together.
Very important to show how children feel after the loss of a parent grandparent brother or sister aunt uncle or just a friend. The are precious treasures.
I writing this reply and crying my eyes out.
I guess I’ll look into shan’t can be done to keep all of these letters, pictures photos….etc
Good Luck. Please let me know what you find out. I think it’s a great idea!!
I’ll let you know what I find out and you can do something on your end.
Keep in touch
Assuming you want to avoid this situation, this is why this system is not the best way of determining secret Santa. It gives away valuable information about who is buying for whom.
There are two approaches to this problem.
Approach 1 (the “Numberphile” approach)
A good description of the problem and a possible solution is the answer is given in a Numberphile video (below). Short version:
  • Instead of writing names on your cards write two things “You are number [x]” and “You are buying for number [x]” (where [x] is a unique number for each card/person)
  • Shuffle the cards.
  • Cut the cards in half so that the first phrase is separated from the second.
  • Match the top half of the first card with the bottom half of the next card, and so on, until you get to the last top half, which will match with the bottom half of the first card.
Now everyone takes a matched top/bottom set that will read “You are person [a]” “You are buying for person [b]”. Boom!
Everyone reveals what person they are. This approach guarantees no-one draws themselves and no-one knows who has bought for them.
Approach 2 (the “sister-in-law” approach)
Here’s another way of avoiding the problem.
  • make everyone swear that they won’t reveal who they are buying for or discuss with anyone else.
  • write *your* name on *all* the cards.
  • keep a straight face
From my experience, the last part of this one is so hard to pull off you are better off sticking with the conventional method.

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