how to get disney plus on apple tv

How can you watch Disney Plus on Apple TV Plus 2020?

Honestly, I don’t see companies like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, or even Apple and Disney as the problem — if they all make great original content, that’s fine (and to be fair, Disney has a HUGE library of content that really does deserve its own streaming service). 
The problem is all the companies splitting off and limiting our choices to only their services for shows that would have been available on one of those other services. Having to sign up separately to see your favorite shows from NBC or A&E or whatever is too much, in my opinion.
I think it remains to be seen how many options are too many. Let’s take a quick look at the evolution of what appears on our television sets at home:
  1. We started out with two networks, CBS and NBC. Then there were three when ABC came along. It was all free, but you had limited choices. Three big networks and maybe some local independent channel(s) if you lived in a larger market.
  2. Then we got cable. Practically overnight our choices for television content exploded, but we had to pay a monthly fee. At first, that monthly fee was the same for everyone (in a given location), then they started adding on “premium” services (such as HBO), and bundling channels into different packages. Almost everyone was paying between $50 and $100 per month for their cable bill at one point.
  3. Once bandwidth became fast enough, we could start streaming — and Netflix stopped renting DVDs, but now we had another monthly charge. That was OK, though, between what was on cable and Netflix you could pretty much watch anything that wasn’t in theaters.
  4. Then along came Hulu, which sold us on watching our favorite TV shows whenever we wanted instead of having to schedule our time around them. We accepted that as well, after all, another monthly charge was a small price to pay for getting to watch our shows whenever we want, right?
  5. But now companies are figuring out they don’t need to share revenue with Netflix or Hulu. CBS has been pretty successful with their “All Access” streaming service, so much so that others have (or soon will) introduce their own. The problem is that even after cutting the cord on cable, we are spending more than ever to see stuff that used to be for free — and I’m not talking about the shows we simply time shift that are on broadcast TV. I’m talking about the shows you can’t see on broadcast TV like Star Trek: Discovery or Twilight Zone.
I doubt it. Even if other streaming players come out like AT&T's HBO Max and Comcast's Peacock, I think the market is large enough to accommodate strong players. I think the niche players will survive as well (e.g. WWE, Crunchyroll). 

The first to go will be the ones caught in the middle (e.g. Facebook Watch, Sony Crackle) of these two entertainment options. Similar to Hollywood which has 5 big studios and a number of smaller ones, I predict the streaming market will be the same. After all, one will simply choose which subscription service to get on a per month basis possibly rotating among services or even sharing accounts and passwords.