How to make a homemade hand sanitizer

Here’s how to make your own hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer covered here is a gel type containing 62% ethanol. These are common items in hospitals, restaurants, and homes, and are easily available at pharmacies and online shopping malls. 

However, these common hand sanitizers are very difficult to obtain in the aftermath of Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19). Not only is it very difficult to buy, it is ridiculously expensive even if you can. 

So I’m releasing a standard recipe for hand sanitizers that can be easily made and used at home with basic ingredients readily available in pharmacies or marts. 

This method requires only transparent bottles and pens in addition to ingredients, eliminating the need for volumetric instruments such as graduated beakers. 

I am a doctor and a father raising my daughter, so I have thoroughly reviewed and organized them. 

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